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Studying Here

Studying at Fulda University

Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar

Greetings from the President

Hello and welcome!


Dear Fulda University students,

I would like to very cordially welcome you to the Summer Semester 2009 at Fulda University.  If you are new to Fulda, I am sure that you will enjoy learning and growing intellectually and professionally with us.   

In recent years the German university system has undergone a number of changes and reforms, a process that is still going on.  The introduction of the new bachelor’s and master’s degrees is perhaps the most obvious manifestation of this change process.  The introduction of bachelor’s and master’s degrees across the board in higher education in Germany has also tended to blur the once strict distinction between universities of applied science such as Fulda University and old-line universities.  Here in Fulda, all of our degree programmes have been recast as bachelor’s and master’s programmes.  

At Fulda University, we continue to place special emphasis on the relevance of our programmes to actual professional practice and real-world applicability.  Our Departments are continually updating course contents to reflect the latest developments in the real world, and we are especially active in developing attractive, innovative new courses of study.  In addition, Fulda University tries to keep classes small so as to ensure close personal contact between students and teachers.  We are totally committed to the continual improvement of the quality of our teaching and courses of study and have instituted a number of quality-improvement measures and programmes for the benefit of Fulda students. 

Fulda University is also increasingly active in its research activities.  The research undertaken by Fulda professors and staff has a very positive influence on the quality of our teaching and guarantees the close connection between academic training and professional practice that is the hallmark of our University. 

Of course, your success in your studies depends to a great degree on the quality of classrooms, labs and other facilities.  We are very pleased that the Department of Social Work has been able to move into new quarters in Building O.  The renovation of Building N has created new state-of-the-art lecture halls and classrooms for the use of all Departments.

We are all very excited about a major project of tremendous importance for the future of the University.  An architectural competition will take place this Summer Semester for the design of a new university library, a new cafeteria and other buildings.  The competition will also include design ideas for the transformation of the entire University campus.  

This is a great time to be a student at Fulda University and I wish you a good semester and every success!

Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar

President of Fulda University