Nursing and Health Sciences

Degree Programme Nursing

Professional nursing care for clients and patients in different health care settings is based on a broad spectrum of qualifications that, in most European countries, are imparted to future nurses at university level. Given the steadily increasing complexity of nursing tasks, related responsibilities and the ongoing changes within the health care system as a whole, the German system of higher education has followed suit by introducing for example the education and training of nurses or physiotherapists at an academic level. Fulda University of Applied Sciences’ Department of Nursing and Health Sciences has been promoting this important step since the early 1990’s. Besides the well sought-after educational programmes, Fulda University of Applied Sciences stands out, because unlike at most other institutions, the completion of the three-year vocational training for nurses is not an entrance requirement to pursue studies towards earning the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. 

The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences allocates altogether forty university places each year, with courses starting only in the winter semester.

  • Vocational training in nursing is not an entrance requirement:
    The completion of vocational training as a nurse is not a prerequisite for a successful application and acceptance into the programme, because the Bachelor of Science in Nursing compares with primary qualification requirements.
  • After three years – the first degree:
    It takes six semesters or three years of full-time study in order to complete the programme of study and earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.
  • Programme of study within the Dual System: 
    It takes only one additional year to be able to participate in the national licensing exams for nurses. For this purpose Fulda University of Applied Sciences has ongoing cooperative partnerships with training schools for nurses in the federal state of Hessen. At the end of this fourth year – participating students will then not only have the B.Sc. – but the state licensing exam in nursing as well.
  • Climbing the academic ladder:
    Having completed the Bachelor of Science degree lays the foundation to earning a Master Degree, which in turn paves the way towards pursuing a doctorate and qualifying for positions of higher service.

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