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Courses in English

- h/week = hours per week
- hours = contact hours only, not individual work at home
- credits = ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), 1 credit = 30 hours workload, i.e. contact hours and individual work
- wise = winter semester
- suse = summer semester 

Department of Applied Computer Science

Modules of the Master's Programme 

“Global Software Development“ (Start summer semester 2015)

Department of Business Adminstration

Modules of the Bachelor's Programme 

“International Business Administration“

Modules of the Master's Programme “International Management“

(Minor changes might occur. Bachelor students are allowed to take courses at Master level and vice versa)


Department of Electical Engineering and Information Technology

Modules of the Bachelor's Programmes

"Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B.Eng.)" and 
"Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Campus-based programme with in-company training (B.Eng.)" 

Department of Food Technology

Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences

Modules* of the Master's Programme “International Food Business and Consumer Studies“

 * since the programme is offered at two Universities, please contact the programme coordinator in advance, to make sure, that the module is taught at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Other modules of this programme are offered at our partner institution, the University of Kassel, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences at Witzenhausen.

Department of Social and Cultural Sciences

Modules of the Master's Programme “Intercultural Communication and European Studies

Additional credits are awarded for exams: usually 0,5 or 1 credit for a single course exam.

Department of Social Work

Modules of the Bachelor's Programme in Social Work, forming the International Course “Social Work in an Intercultural Context in Theory and Practice“

  • Total of credits: 30 ECTS (900 hours workload, 4 months)

Department of Nursing and Health Sciences


Please find more information in our brochure "Courses in English".