Organisational Structure

organisational structure

The President:

The President leads and represents the University of Applied Sciences.
The deputy of the President is personified in the position of Vice President as
well as the Chancellor (finance, personnel and legal matters). The
Chancellor is in charge of the administration in accordance with the
guide lines laid down by the President.

Presidential Executive Committee:

Consists of the President, Vice
President and the Chancellor.

The Extended Governing Body

The Presidential Executive Committee discusses general matters with reference to
Finance, Personnel, Organisation, and Administration with the Dean.
The Women's Representative or the Chairperson as well as the Student Executive
Committee and the Staff Council may also participate in meetings.

The Senate:

The Senate consists of 9 professors, 5 students, 1 scientific and 2 technical members of the administration.

Members of the Senate with and advisory capacity:

The President the Vice President, the Chancellor, a member of the University Council, the Women's Representative or the Chairperson of the General Student Executive Committee or the Chairperson of the Staff Council.

The Responsibilities of the Senate

The Senate discusses matters of research, teaching and study which effect the whole University of Applied Science or which are of prime importance. The Senate has a watching brief over the management of the Presidential Executive Committee.

The Senate is responsible, amongst other things, for:

the election, nomination and vote of the President as well as for the election of the Vice-President
Decisions about the constitution and the regulations for elections
Decisions with regard to the development planning of the University of Applied Science
Comments with regard to the suggestions made for the appointment of professorships
Agreed objectives in respect of § 88 Section 2 and the budget plan
Receipt and discussion of the report of the President

University Council:

The University Council has the function of advising the University of Applied Science in its development, of expressing the expectations of the external business world in respect of the University and in promoting the benefits of scientific knowledge and cultural accomplishments of the University.

Amongst other things the University Council advises on::

  • The development planning of the University of Applied Sciences
  • The methods of evaluation used
  • The agreement of objectives

The University Council comments on:

  • The report of the President and the reports on teaching and research
  • The budget plan
  • The implementation and revocation of courses of study
  • The division of the University of Applied Sciences into departments


The Council consists or four outstanding persons from the business world with working experience and three outstanding persons from the field of science and culture. The positions of the Council are on an honorary basis. Subject to the agreement of the Senate and based upon the suggestions of the presidential committee, the Ministry nominates the members for a period of two to four years. Members and employees of the University of Applied Sciences may not be proposed for these positions.