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ICEUS Alumni

Last year, we celebrated ICEUS' 15th and BASIB's 10th anniversary. Therefore, the department organized a symposium and alumni meeting for the 28th and 29th of November 2014. Information on the symposium can be found in the Alumni Newsletter No. 13

About 350 Alumni have successfully completed the ICEUS degree programme. The Department of Social and Cultural Studies keeps in touch with a lot of Alumni and is always pleased to receive news from its graduates. All graduates are invited to get in touch with us again!

The last Alumni Meeting was held on the 8th and 9th of June 2012. Whereas Alumni mainly enjoyed the reunion with former classmates, the students listened with great interest to the Alumni Lectures from various professional fields.

From May 30 - June 1 in 2008 the first ICEUS Alumni Meeting took place in Fulda. Alumni and students had the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops to find out more about activities and experiences of other Alumni. Furthermore, there was enough time to meet ex-classmates, to chat, to build networks etc.
Programme of the Alumni Meeting in 2008




Career Service

The Career Service mailing contains a compilation of current job offers for the ICEUS alumni, mainly in Germany, as well as information on relevant PhD programmes and scholarships. The Career Service mailing is offered between one and four times per month.

Please contact the programme co-ordinator for registration and provide your E-Mail adress ( 

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Alumni Newsletter

All ICEUS alumni are invited to keep in contact with the professors and staff at the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences. Information on individual career development after graduation at Fulda is helpful for the further development of the ICEUS study programme and also as orientation guideline on possible career perspectives for the current students. The ICEUS Alumni-Newsletter aims to be a forum on such information exchange. Additionally, it provides information on current developments at the Faculty. 

Please contact the programme co-ordinator if you wish to receive the current or older Newsletters.

Current Issue: ICEUS Alumni Newsletter No. 13



Master's Theses

The titles of Masters Theses written by ICEUS students are listed here, grouped together by years.

Master's Theses 2014

Master's Theses 2013

Master's Theses 2012

Master's Theses 2011

Master's Theses 2010

Master's Theses 2009

Master's Theses 2008

Master's Theses 2007

Master's Theses 2006

Master's Theses 2005

Master's Theses 2004

Master's Theses 2003

Master's Theses 2002

Master's Theses 2001

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