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Private Accommodations

German students often live in private accommodations. Frequently students share a flat. Each person has his or her own room, but everyone shares the kitchen and the bathroom. Here is some advice on how to find private accommodation in Fulda.


For information about the availability of private accommodations, you can contact AStA, the Student Executive Committee, which has a list of student rooms for rent. Students are given several addresses of landlords who let rooms. Check the AStA website for a list of rooms for rent on:

Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss (AStA)
36039 Fulda

Tel.: +49 (0) 661 / 96 29 140

Local newspapers

You can also look for accommodation advertisements in the local newspapers, which come out once or twice a week.
You can always ring up potential landlords.

  • Fuldaer Zeitung (Wednesdays and Sundays )
  • Fuldaer Martkorb (a free paper that comes out on Wednesdays)
  • Marktkorb am Wochenende (Sundays)
  • Fulda aktuell (a free paper that comes out on Sundays)

Real estate agencies may charge you a month's rent or more for their service.

Notice boards around the campus

There are numerous large notice boards on the campus where people looking for or offering accommodations can post notes. You will also find notice boards in the different departments, in the Student Service Center and in the cafeteria (the Mensa).