Applied Computer Science
Girls’ Day 2006

Girls in the faculty of Applied Computer Science

The number of women who study Computer Science or who follow careers in this field is unfortunately still very low nationally. This is partly because of a fear of computers, but also because of the dominant understanding of the male and female role in society. The aims of the faculty of Applied Computer Science on this Girls’ Day were to rid girls of this fear, to get them interested in Computer Science and to demonstrate the career prospects that Computer Science offers. Interest in the event was pleasingly large, with 15 girls from the 6th and 7th classes of Fulda schools taking part. The girls were looked after by 6 students from the mentoring network. It was discovered that all of the pupils had previous experience with computers, either at home or in school, and so after a short introduction, concrete computer science projects were carried out with the pupils.

Creating a website

The first project was learning how to create a website. After a short introduction to the necessary software, each pupil was able to create their own website, which included a digital photo.

Putting together and starting up a computer

The aim of the next station was to learn about the components of a computer and how it works. A fully functioning computer was taken apart and the function of each of the components was explained in detail. In a question and answer game the pupils then demonstrated what they had learnt about computer architecture. The most fun was then had in putting the computer back together. Would the computer work again? No problem. Everything worked fine.

Lunch in the Mensa

Afterwards came a well-earned lunch break in the student cafeteria, during which first impressions were discussed.

Mobile Robots: football robots, robosapien, virtual robot football match

Next came the football robots. First a video about robots was shown. A demonstration was then given by faculty students of robots in action. Finally the girls were allowed to play against the robots.

Computer Science is fun!

All in all it was an experience-filled day for the girls, in which they gained exciting new impressions about the field of Computer Science. We must now hope that the girls are positive about following a career or gaining an education in Computer Science.