Social Work
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Social Work at an International Level

Our faculty works together with numerous universities, mostly within Europe, for several years now. Regular student and staff exchanges take place as a part of this co-operation. As well as studying abroad for a semester, students also have the possibility of completing an overseas internship, mostly in connection with one of our partner universities.

Since the introduction of our Bachelor degree in Social Work, the international nature of our faculty has reached a new level. The modular system and the introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) both ease the process of taking courses at foreign universities and incorporating these into the degree at the Hochschule Fulda. The two specialisation modules, 3.7 European Competences and Groundwork for Intercultural Competence and 3.8 Intercultural Competence (module to be studied abroad), have also established two new specialisations within the Bachelor degree, both of which have an explicitly international focus. 

Our faculty through its increased co-operation with other universities addresses the growing importance of international co-operation in an increasingly globalised scientific landscape and globalised practice. In the year 2005 alone, 5 new co-operation agreements were signed with other universities, mostly in Eastern Europe.