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Retro Project

The collections of the HLB Fulda can be searched online:

  1. since 1986 in the online catalogue
  2. prior to 1985 in the retro catalogue [only at Heinrich von Bibra Platz]

The following collections can still not be accessed online:

  1. old collections dating to pre-1850 held at the Heinrich von Bibra Platz library, catalogued in handwritten alphabetical card catalogue
  2. pre-1985 collections in the library at the Campus, catalogues in the old alphabetical card catalogue

In order to fill these gaps in the online catalogues, both alphabetical card catalogues will be retro-catalogued in the online catalogue.
Together these alphabetical card catalogues amount to 106,000 cards.
The retro-cataloguing will be outsourced and will be completed during 2006.
Once this project has been completed, the complete collections of the HLB Fulda – with the exception of manuscripts and incunables – will be available online.
The online and retro-catalogues are defined according to the year of publication. As this can vary, please always look for the title in the online catalogue first and only when this yields no results look in the retro-catalogue.