Leisure and Cultural Program during the Summer Semester 2014

Culture and Leisure are also a part of your studies! 

You can't study all the time! In order for you to get the chance to experience something aside your lectures and seminars, to learn something interesting, see something new, and make new friends, we have compiled various activities for you. 

Do I have to register?
While some activities are "show up and participate", for some others the number of participants is limited and registration is required. 
Please let us know if you registered but have to cancel! 

Sunday, March 30 Guided City tour
3:30p.m. Meet in front of cathedral

Fulda has a beautiful historical old town. Who built all these buildings, when, and what for? What does all the symbolism in the cathedral mean? And why in the world are they all talking about "baroque"? If you want answers to these and many other questions, join us for the guided city tour. 

Monday, 1 April International Welcome Party
7:00p.m. Café Chaos

Listen to music, dance, drink, meet new friends! Party needs no explanation, does it? 

Sunday, 6 April Guided tour of Fasanerie Castle
1:15p.m., meet at city castle busstation
 (bring your semester ticket!)
Fasanerie castle is one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Germany, just a few kilometres from Fulda. It used to be the summer residence of Fulda's prince bishops. We will travel by bus, an appr. 10 minute walk to and from the castle is require. 
On our guided tour of the castle we will see the elaborately decorated historical interieur and many great artefacts. Afterwards we'll go for a walk in the huge park and coffee at the castle's café.  

Sunday, 20 April: Easter Egg Hunt 
2:00p.m. Meet in front of cathedral

Easter is one of the most important holidays in Germany and many other countries. The university and most shops are closed for the long weekend including Friday and Monday. Come and spend the Sunday with us on one of the most traditional Easter activities, the Easter Egg Hunt!  

Sunday, 27 April Cold War Memorial Point Alpha
1:00 p.m. meet at ZOB, € 5 contribution, registration required

Until 1990, the Iron Curtain divided East and West Germany just a few kilometres east of Fulda. The "hottest spot in the cold war", Point Alpha, is a former NATO observation point, now turned into a museum and memorial site dedicated to inform and teach us about the cold war, the division of Germany and what both meant to the people in those times.  

Friday, 09 May Barbecue
5:00p.m. meet at Kaufland, Am Rosengarten

We'll  go grocery shopping together and then we'll barbecue in the Fulda valley. 

Wednesday, 04 June International Picknick
6:30p.m. meet at gazebo in castle park 

Please prepare a special dish from your country to contribute to our international picknick. We'll share everything, so everyone gets to try the dishes from everyone else. Please bring a drink for yourself also as well as a plate, fork and knife, and maybe a blanket to sit on, if you have one.

Suday, 15 June Excursion to the Central Rhine Valley
8:00a.m. meet at ZOB, € 10 contribution, registration required

Our coach will take us to Rudesheim, where we will get the chance to explore the pretty little lanes before we take on a mini cruise down the central Rhine valley, UNESCO world heritage site. You will visit the magnificent fortress Rheinfels, climb the fabled Loreley rock, about which Heinrich Heine wrote his famous poem, and try a sip of the wine that grows on the valley's steep slopes.