Social cultural activities for international students winter semester 2014/15


Culture and Leisure are also a part of your studies! 

You can't study all the time! In order for you to get the chance to experience something aside your lectures and seminars, to learn something interesting, see something new, and make new friends, we have compiled various activities for you. 

Do I have to register?
While some activities are "show up and participate", for some others the number of participants is limited and registration is required, either directly at the International Office or via e-mail (
Please let us know if you registered but have to cancel! 


Wednesday, 15th of October, 7:00pm
Room P218

German movie night (subtitles in English)

We will have a chilled movie night with popcorn and soft drinks. The movies will be in German with English subtitle. You can bring a little pillow or a little blanket if you like.


Friday, 17th of October, 8:00pm
At the Café Chaos (at the campus)

Café Chaos Meet and Greet with music

Enjoying a nice evening together, listening to music, getting to know each other, meeting friends and dancing together.


Saturday, 18th of October, 9:00am until Sunday afternoon
Meeting Point ZOB Fulda

Intercultural training with sleepover at the “Wasserkuppe”

We are riding a bus to a hostel near the “Wasserkuppe”, the highest mountain in Hesse. You will have the chance to participate at an intercultural training, which helps you to solve daily life challenges and problems you may have within your study course.
In the evening we will go out for a night walk. The next day we will go for an easy hiking tour to the “Wasserkuppe”, which will take around an hour. After we arrive there you can go for a ride at the “summer toboggan run”, watch gliding planes or visit the gliding plane museum.
In the afternoon we will ride back to Fulda on the bus, after an exciting and informative weekend.

Registration is required, contribution € 20


Sunday, 26th of October, 1:00pm
MeetingPoint ZOB

Memorial Point Alpha

Until the 1990s the borderline between the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) and the German Democratic Republic (DDR) ran near Fulda. The NATO-Observation -Point “The hottest Point in the Cold War” was placed in Rasdorf, about 30 minutes northeast of Fulda. For reminding the separation of Europe, the Cold War and its meaning for the people, there is a memorial and a museum we are going to visit.

Registration is required, contribution  € 5


Date will be announced soon
Room E208

German cooking night

We learn how to cook a typical German dinner, which we will of course also eat together. The meat we use is suitable? for Muslims. Please sign up at the International Office for this event.


Friday-Sunday, 7th of November, 5:00pm- 9th of November, 10:00pm
MeetingPoint, train station Fulda

Excursion to Berlin

An awesome weekend in the German capital is expecting you!
Friday, 5:00pm departure at the train station in Fulda.
Saturday, 10:00am we will have a guided (bicycle or walking) city tour and
Sunday, 12:00pm we will have a guided tour at the German Bundestag (parliament)
Obviously you will also have time to explore the capital by yourself or with your friends in your own way.

Registration is required until the 25th of October, contribution required (€ 50)
Limited number of participants!


Sunday, 16th of November, 11:00am
MeetingPoint, track 1, train station Fulda

Dialogmuseum Frankfurt/Main

In absolute darkness you will be guided by blind persons through exhibition spaces of different daily life situations. This experience will reshape your senses! Therefore there will be a role reversal: Blind persons become an ambassador of a new culture without any visual images.

Registration required, contribution €5


Thursday, 20th of November, 6:00pm
Room E208

International cooking night

We will cook together food from all around the world, bring your favorite recipe! Of course we will also eat the delicious food we’ve made. Please sign up for this event at the International Office.


Saturday, 29th of November, 2:00pm
MeetingPoint, Fulda train station, fountain

Ice skating

We will go ice-skating at the ice rink in Frankfurt. Please bring your semester ticket and €7.50 for the entrance fee and the skates. We will enjoy the winter time together and have an awesome afternoon.


Sunday, 14th of December, 10:10am
MeetingPoint, train station Fulda, fountain

Historical Christmas market at the Wartburg (Eisenach)

In the breathtaking historical ambience of the “Wartburg” we will visit together a middle-age Christmas market. A unique experience!

Contribution required.


Thursday, 11th of December, 6:00pm
Room E206/ Café Chaos

Cookie baking & Christmas party

We will bake “Vanillekipferl”, “Zimtsterne” and apple pie accompanied by Christmassy music. With those self-made “Plätzchen” we will go to the Christmas celebration of the International Office at the Café Chaos. Santa Claus and little presents are waiting there for us!

Sunday, 11th of January, 2:00pm
MeetingPoint ZOB, Fulda

Snow excursion to the “Wasserkuppe”

We take the public bus to the “Wasserkuppe” and we will spend our day here. You have the possibility of tobogganing, building a snowman or just playing in the snow. Of course you can also rent skis if you know how to ski. Grabbing a bite is possible at numerous snack bars. Please wear really warm clothes! Bring your semester ticket and € 10-20 for rental equipment and food.