Nursing and Health Sciences
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Introduction to the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences is offering a remarkable selection of degree programmes preparing future health care professionals for a career in nursing, nursing management, health care management, public health, health promotion and physiotherapy on the Bachelor degree level. In addition, students already holding a health care-related Bachelor Degree are eligible to apply for and participate in one of the following Masters Degree programmes: Public Health, Public Health Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Education for Nursing- and Health Care Professions. With a number of the above mentioned programmes of study the Fulda University of Applied Sciences has specifically realised the educational transition of raising patient-care related professions to an academic level. This educational development is a trend that on the one hand responds to the growing demands and responsibilities in the practice setting, and on the other is striving to keep up with the ongoing changes of and within the health care system.

The educational goal of all programmes is clearly that of a comprehensive practice-oriented and science-based higher education. Through meeting this goal and accomplishing this educational transition and at the same time adjusting to and meeting the standards set by the Bologna process, inner-European professional flexibility and mutual acceptance of completed Bachelor- or Master programmes are facilitated and guaranteed.

Besides the various educational opportunities, the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences is also known for its extensive participation in research projects and -programmes. The research projects are mostly practice-oriented with the purpose of improving patient-oriented health care, supporting the science-based development of healthcare professions, and producing new findings and insights in population-based health promotion. Many or most of the research projects are designed such that students are able to get involved in the course of their respective Bachelor- or Master Degree projects, gaining hands-on research experience.


A new educational era for health care professionals:

Since the early 1990s, the attempts of professionalizing careers in nursing, physiotherapy or management in the health care settings, have become increasingly successful in the German system of higher education. Therefore, more than ever, earning a Bachelor or Masters Degree, as offered by the Fulda University of Applied Sciences Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, opens up doors for new career options or ultimately for the conferral of a doctorate. With growing expectations and professional requirements towards present and future employees, the concept of life-long learning is becoming reality, as existing qualifications are often no longer sufficient to keep up with the rapidly changing work environments.

To meet the needs and fill the educational gaps of experienced health care professionals, as well as of those individuals interested in pursuing a career in health care, the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences is offering three-year Bachelor- and two-year Master Degree programmes. To learn more, please go to the page “Studiengänge”.