Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Karl Lücke

Microbiology – Food Technology

Fields of teaching

  • Microbiology
  • Food Hygiene
  • Processing, storage and stability of food
  • Raw materials for food processing

Supervision of student projects on food quality, product development, quality management, and water quality; regular teaching visits at partner universities

Main fields of interest in research & development, and of student projects supervised

  • Control of microbiological risks in the food chain: Behaviour of pathogens in food; risk assessment and risk management, with emphasis on food safety assurance systems in small and medium enterprises, and on meat processing
  • Spoilage flora and shelf life of food, in particular, fresh produce
  • Microbiological and DNA-based methods for assessment of quality and safety of food and water: Cost-effective applications, measurement uncertainty
  • Environmental hygiene and microbiology of recycling processes

Responsibilities at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

  • Dean (1992-94), Vice-Dean (1990-92, 2000-2002), Member of the Examination Board (1990-, chairman 2002-5), Study Dean (2005-2014)
  • Department Coordinator (1990-2014, 2005-2014 with focus on food business and food sciences); Initiation of various cooperations in the ERASMUS/SOCRATES framework
  • Programme director (at Fulda University of Applied Sciences) for the MSc Course „International Food Business and Consumer Studies“ (offered jointly with Kassel University)
  • Member of the Commission for Study and Teaching of Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Other memberships

  • Member of the Committee for Hygiene of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
  • Member of national (VAAM, DGHM) and international (SfAM, ASM) microbiological societies
  • Member of working group on Microbiological Specifications for Foods, associated with the DGHM
  • Member of working group on the safety of quality of water, associated with fbr e.V., Darmstadt
  • Editorial Board of journal “Food Control”


  • Member in „Ernährungswirtschaftliches Forum“ at the State Government of Hessen
  • Auditor for slaughtering and butchering plants participating in the programme „CMA-Prüfsiegel”
  • Expert opinion on “Electrical Stunning of Cattle”, “Use of nitrite in the processing of organic meat” and “Botulism”
  • Research project „Greywater and cistern water use at Kassel-Hasenhecke"
  • Research project „Biogas plans in ‚Biosphärenreservat Rhön’ – Hygienic aspects of co-fermentation"
  • Research projects on „Analysis of microbial colonization and shelf life of organically and conventionally produced vegetables“ and „Curing agents in organic meats“, supported by the Bundesprogramm Ökologischer Landbau
  • Member of a Committee on modularisation and introduction of ECTS in Departments of agricultural, nutritional, food and/or environmental sciences at various universities
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 fax +49 661 9640-399
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