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Freunde und Förderer (Friends and Sponsors) der HLB Fulda e.V.

The Freunde und Förderer der Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek Fulda e.V. (Friends and Sponsors of the HLB Fulda e.V.) was formed in 1992 as a charitable organisation, with the aim of supporting and sponsoring certain areas of what was then the Hessen State Library, now the University and State Library in Fulda (HLB Fulda):

  • To make its expensive, old collections more accessible to the interested public,
  • To develop the library’s role as a lending library offering a modern service and current literature, and therefore, increasing the library’s cultural role in the region,
  • To guarantee the library’s function as a scientific library through close cooperation with other scientific and educational bodies in the region,
  • To give the library a greater public persona through public lectures, readings, music evenings and discussion rounds, and to gain new users and spark interest,
  • To increase the significance of the book as a cultural and educational artefact and to encourage reading,
  • To stimulate, encourage and support library projects (e.g. book sponsorships, journal sponsorships)

Membership costs 20 euro per year.

Further information and application forms (pdf 22kb, German) are available from  
Frau Lobe-Röder
Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek Fulda 
Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz 12 
36037 Fulda 
Tel. 06 61 / 96 40-98 51 

Programme of events 2015

  • Tuesday, 14th July, 7.30 pm – Vortrag über das Hildebrandslied von Prof. em. Wolfgang Herrmann: „Hildebrand, eine literarische Figur des Klosters Fulda“
    Venue: Lesesaal am Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz
  • Tuesday, 30th Sept, 7.30 pm – Vortrag von Rolf Hosfeld über Kurt Tucholsky anlässlich des 125. Geburtstages des Schriftstellers "Tucholsky. Ein deutsches Leben"
    Venue: Lesesaal am Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz 
  • Tuesday, 24th Nov, 6.30 pm - Mitgliederversammlung - anschließend Autorenlesung mit Walter Heller: „Ein vitaler Toter“
    Venue: Lesesaal am Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz 

 As of: Febr. 2015