Library regulations and Legal Grounds

Library regulations (PDF, 47 KB) [in German]
Download: HLB-Benutzungsordnung_20140319.pdf

Costs and wages payments (selection, as of April 2014) (PDF, 176 KB) [in German]
Download: Kosten_und_Leistungsentgelte_20140416.pdf

Terms of Use for Electronic Media

HLB Fulda generally holds license agreements with the respective suppliers of the electronic media offered via our web site.

In these contracts, the terms of use are specified according to current copyright law. Legitimate users of the University & State Library are allowed to copy & download single articles or essays on a small scale. In general, these data can be saved and paper copies can be made for personal scientific use. The disclosure to third parties and commercial use of these data are prohibited.

These terms shall be accepted once the electronic media offered has been accessed.